Mold Making Services
We offer full mold making services for slip casting ceramics.
Please review our list of service to determine if we can be of service to you

Design If you have an idea and wish to bring it to a 3-D model, contact us. Perhaps we can help. We have both artistic and technically skilled staff for such projects.
Sculpture and Model Making Our highly skilled sculptor on staff, and our jeweler on staff  are at your beck and call. E-mail us about your needs.
Single, One of a kind Molds One of a kind molds for crafters and ceramists are within our scope. E-mail us!!
Master molds / block and case/ All rubber master molds We specialize in making block and case master molds - necessary for production operations where many molds are needed for reproduction. E-mail us. Lets talk of your needs...
Complex Art Pieces Our Jeweler and our Sculptor are highly experienced in working with complex art pieces. These often require ingenious solutions to make good molds that work - and we have them. E-mail us to initiate a discussion about a solution to your needs.

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